Nick Valenzuela and his debut novel,

 Lack of Appeal


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ISBN (printed version): 978-1981141081978 /  US$ 9,99

ASIN ‏(KIndle)‎: B07BTCNPVT /  US$ 3,53

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Nick Valenzuela

FRANKLIN, Indiana, USA — Lack of Appeal, the barely-fictionalized autobiographical account of two as-they-happen days in the life of a municipal government civil rights complaint investigator, is available in paperback and eBook formats.


The novel moves moment-by-moment through one long Monday of housing discrimination Complainant and Respondent interviews, public presentation, complaint intake duty, and epic community meetings; then, in climax, one vigorous Friday attempt to take on, very publicly, perceived mayoral administration apathy towards systemic dysfunction of civil rights law enforcement needed for the public.  Chapters detail contemporary, unique, and accessible takes on forms of sexual harassment, race, religion, national origin, families with minor children, and disability, modeled after real-life discrimination case examples. The public service sector, the non-profit sector, and the central individual are all challenged with the nature of what many readily-accepted views of “civil rights” are, aren’t, and may-be.  And, the main character’s potential autobiographical bias in comparison and contrast with his own profession.

Self-absorbed, personal memoir; objective (and objectified) expose on some civil rights, and “civil rights;” a descent into madness; and, with some lighter, humorous, and human touches along the way, this is a defining civil rights novel for the 21st century.

About the author:

Lack of Appeal, the debut novel of Nick Valenzuela (Los Angeles, 1972) was published after he survived a 20+ year career investigating civil rights complaints for municipal and federal government. His extensive, ground-breaking fair housing and hate crime investigations led to benchmark case law for multiple protected classes from unlawful discrimination, but also to professional counseling. His writing is based on his experiences, masked as literary fiction.


Raquel Lanseros:

 one of the greatest voices in contemporary Spanish poetry


Raquel Lanseros (b. 1973, Jérez de la Frontera, Spain)  works currently as a professor of Language and Literature Didactics at the University of Zaragoza. (She speaks, besides Spanish, fluent Catalan, English and French.)

Her poetry has been partially translated into English, French, Italian, Dutch, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Armenian, Serbo-Croat and Portuguese.  ‚Äč

Raquel Lanseros translated work by Edgar Allen Poe, Lewis Carroll and Louis Aragon. Moreover, she is the official Spanish translator for the Pop Science project, sponsored by CERN, l'Accademia Mondiale della Poesia and the University of Geneva. 

Lanseros is also a member of Hijos de Mary Shelley (Children of Mary Shelley)., a literary collective founded by the late Fernando Marías Armondo. 


Poetry publications:

  • Matria (Visor, Madrid, 2018; 2nd ed. 2019)

  • Las pequeñas espinas son pequeñas (Hiperión, Madrid, 2013; 2nd ed. 2014)
  • Fino a che siamo Itaca (CartaCanta Editore, Forlì, 2016)
  • Journal d'un scintillement (Les Éditions du Paquebot, Paris, 2012)
  • Croniria (Hiperión, Madrid, 2009), (Valparaíso Ediciones USA, Tennessee, 2014)
  • Los ojos de la niebla (Visor, Madrid, 2008)
  • Diario de un destello (Adonáis, Rialp, Madrid, 2006)
  • Leyendas del promontorio (Ayto. Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid , 2005)


  • La acacia roja (Tres Fronteras, Murcia, 2008)
  • Un sueño dentro de un sueño (4 de agosto, Logroño, 2012)
  • A las órdenes del viento (Valparaíso, Granada, 2012; 2.nd extended ed.  2015)
  • Esta momentánea eternidad. Poesía reunida 2005-2016 (Visor, Madrid, 2016; 2nd ed. 2017)




    • Poemas de amor (Valparaíso, Granada, 2013), a selection of love poems by Edgar Allan Poe
    • Mira lo que has hecho (Valparaíso, Granada, 2014), poems of Gordon E. McNeer
    • Poemas (Valparaíso, Granada, 2015), selected poems by Lewis Carroll


  • Los ojos de Elsa (Visor, Madrid, 2015), first Spanish translation of the work by Louis Aragon
  • Antología poética (Navona, Barcelona, 2018), the collected poems of Sylvia Plath