Diagraph Literary & Music Agency

Diagraph Literary & Music Agency (& Pigeon Loft Sound Studio)


An npo division of Solidus Unit

(Head office: 38 Rue Omer Mottint / 5170 Bois-de-Villers (Profondeville) / Belgium)


diagraph n  instrument for drawing projections


Contact: Geert Kliphuis  

Ernest Allardstraat 20, B-1000 Brussels CR / Belgium

Tel: +32(0)2-3507016 (land line) ; +32(0)485-294028 (mobile) 

email: geert.kliphuis@mail.be




Our website is still under construction - yet feel free to have a look around!



DLMA works closely with:

Lyrae&Kroko Music, run by Pascal Noel, is one of Belgium's top  jazz and world music labels, active since the mid-1990s


     DLMA is a loose-knit collective of authors and/or songwriters/musicians (working, mostly, in English and/or Spanish) - and we're open for fresh, new ideas. Besides operating a sound studio (see Pigeon Loft Sound Studio above), we contact bookshops, media outlets, festival organisers (both for music and writing), literary agents and music publishers, equally looking for translations of the works we promote. We, ourselves, also translate and offer our services for all kinds of work in the domain of literary and artistic promotion (see Translations above for more information).