Jay Conrad's Guitar Lessons


Jay Conrad has been playing (mostly) Spanish, folk and bass guitars since the 1970s, developing a jazzish-TexMex laid-back kind of style.

He is also a bit of a specialist in 'open tunings' like G / Gminor (used a lot by Ry Cooder and Keith Richards) and D / Dminor / D9, first explored by Joni Mitchell. (These tunings are featured on some of Conrad's recordings, such as 'The Gates of Eldorado', 'Nightmare Tamer', 'Angry Angels', 'Dawn Train', 'Nobody Loves Her (Like I Would)' and 'Cinema Parade')


Contad teaches guitar at the Pigeon Loft Studio, from a beginner's level to intermediate. Lessons last 45 minutes (at 45,-€ per session). For starters, the purchase of an affordable Spanish guitar (like a Fender ESC-110 Educational Series or an  Enrique Keller Admira-class) will do. If not, Conrad always has a guitar at your disposal for the lessons, but owning one yourself is much more fun.


Contact: Geert Kliphuis at 0485-294028.








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