is a project in progress.


   Diagraph's Geert Kliphuis (aka Jay Conrad) owns the publishing rights of all his released material and of his future releases,  including the tracks for 'Carrizo Springs',  with lyrics by Raquel Lanseros (Spain)  and music by Jay Conrad.

   You'll find a selection of Conrad's songs (mp3) in the column on the right. If you're interested in recording them, or using them in e.g. television series or film, don't hesitate to contact us. 


   All works are protected by SABAM, Brussels


   Demos of un-released material written by Jay Conrad - or those that won't fit in his repertoire - will soon be available  to also be perused by other recording artists and/or music publishers/producers.


   Conrad equally translates (or adapts) lyrics from English, Spanish & French into either three, or into Dutch. 


   As we explain (under Pigeon Loft Sound Studio), Diagraph may, instead of applying a fee for its production work, negotiate a participation in the publishing of the material recorded at its studio.


   Our current catalogue


Songs by Jay Conrad:

- Love Is An Unforgiving Thing

- Black Mask

- Your Chevalier Has Gone

- The Tomahawk Of Love

- Rendezvous In Rainville

- The Gates Of Eldorado

- Penniless Gentleman

- Go With Johhny

- Follow Lightning

- Travemünde (in German)


- Old Lizard-Eyes Wakes Up

- Nightmare Tamer

- Unexpected Grace

- Steeltown Girls Don't Cry

- Blue Dagger Street

- The Messenger Boy

- Angry Angels

- If I Don't Sleep Again Tonight

- Your Next Of Kin

- Some Other World


- Meet Me At The Imperial

- Dawn Trains

- Blitz Kids

- These Bitter Thrills

- The London Shuffle

- The Lady's Back In Town

- Nobody Loves Her (Like I would)

- Hey Girl (Your Dude Will Come Along)

- Summertime 1963

- Kitchen Moon

- Foreigner's Luck

- The Sisterhood

- Estelle

- Cinema Parade


- Happy Henry

-  Exile

- Such An Ordinary Town

- Troubled Times

-  Mischief Is Afoot

- Dancing In The Snakepit

- Americans

- Bellevue

- Floodlight At Kempinski's

- A Place Where Nothing Really Matters

- Munich

- The Tenant Upstairs

- Tussy Marx In Silvertown

-  Bring Love Back Into This House

- Strategy For Failure

- Under My Hat

- Gas Meter Blues

- 7000 Miles For Nothing

- My Disappearing Act

- Everybody Calls (But You)

- Partners in Crime


Based on the Spanish poetry of Raquel Lanseros:

- Homenaje a las musas

- Carrizo Springs

- Conjuro contra el miedo

- Certificado de huella

- Lançeros

- Paradoja

- Sobre una cama helada

- Paseo de los tristes

- Yago Bazal se deja ver dos horas


In Spanish:

- Otoño en Madrid 

- La muerte del general

- Copla de las despedidas 


In French:

- Oscar 

- Hôtel du Paradis

- Depuis que t'es parti 


With music by Herman Martin:

- Don't Ask The Swing Boss 


With music by John Coltrane:

- When England Riots


Based on the essay, The Docks of London,

by Virginia Woolf

- The Docks


With lyrics by Miguel Cervantes Saavedra,

translated by J. M. Cohen, 1950:

- Mariner Of Love